Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We're on the road now

We seem to have found a super rubbish internet place that doesn't have any USB sockets on any of it's computers which has royally foiled our putting nice photos up plan, but hey ho! There will be some here soon though, we promise.

We have got our van now, and it is cool, we have seen about 6 others now and ours has the coolest paint job, we would normally put a photo here but you will have to imagine the big cow and ram that adorn the sides of our farm themed vehicle!

We are in Kaikoura now (see, which is up the coast from Christchurch. We came here via Maruia thermal springs where we spent the night with lots of sandflies. A bit like mosquitoes but without the noise and a bite that kills, only good thing is they do go to sleep at night! It was a spectacular setting, the springs were set in this lush green valley, with a beautiful view of the setting sun as we sat in the hot springs. We'll post up some photos for you to see soon.

Went for a walk along the cliffs to see the seals today, which was lovely and seals a plenty, unfortunately we managed to coincide with the only downpour of the day, which lasted for about an hour and got us absolutely soaked. Our van is now a mobile washing line! Oh and we saw whales yesterday from the beach, about three sperm whales splashing about, how cool is that!

Thank you all for your comments, they've made a great read! You'll notice the surprisingly popular "Dan's allergies" -section hasn't been reinstated yet, but I'm working on it!

Bye for now,
Dan and Jen


Anonymous said...

Ihana kuulla että matka on päässyt hyvin alkuun ja loistavaa että ootte päässy jo tätä blogiakin kirjottaan, täällä imetään kyllä joka sana ja kuva mikä tänne ilmestyy :)!
Haleja ja pusuja! t.Kati ja muut piispiksen asukit

Anonymous said...

Wondeerful, wonderful memories. Enjoy every moment. We know you will. Look forward to the next update. Oh to be young again!
Take care.
Rosemary and Chris

Anonymous said...

Sounds incredible, I'm green with envy! Looking forward to the pics, the van sounds fab. Oh and Jenni, thanks for the freebies that I think will get passed on through the parental grapevine. Katy xx

Nick & Ce said...

Who needs photos when we can each do our own cow & ram visualisations?! No ... it will be good when you can find an internet cafe familiar with USB sockets.

Guess you're glad of the mosquito nets you packed, assuming they also work with sand flies.
Have fun
D & M