Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Don't panic!

Organisation is definitely not one of our life skills.

It seems we've lost the decision making skills as well somewhere along the way. Packing up our flat took a phenomenal amount of thought, time and effort - on the part of Finn & Kirsty, Mum & Dad. Me and Dan were basically useless, just going into fits of panic, and staring around the rooms that weren't getting any emptier.

Hey ho, we're out of our flat in London now. Great news, if you don't take into account that this actually means we're jobless, homeless and flying out of the country tomorrow and we haven't even packed yet!

We had a great time at our leaving party on Saturday, thanks to everyone that came to see us off!!! Jack & Denice gave us a great book called "Point it" - not a good read, but brilliant for those moments you really need to know where the nearest lobster is but don't know how to ask the man on the street - just point at the fab pics in the book and away you go! Dan thinks this could be his ticket to a future life in Finland. Excellent. http://www.graf-editions.de/pointit/point_it_eng.html

Tomorrow we're getting on the plane to Christchurch in New Zealand, so by the end of the week we might have something more interesting to write to you about. Here's hoping! We're going to get some sleep now, it's been a long day for us.

Please make comments and send us emails, we'll want to hear from you and will miss you all loads!

Jen & Dan


Anonymous said...

So glad you started this blog and look forward to all your travel news. Shame your travels won't bring you to Canada as we would love to see you again. Take care of yourselves and have an amazing time.
Love Rosemary and Chris

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful idea....will be great to watch your adventures, lol, very different from my life as Mommy at home with Gage all day with the odd walk or road trip to the shops :) Have a great time and enjoy. Lots of love, Ang, Dan & Gage xo

kirsty.kingsbury@googlemail.com said...

Please can you reinstate the 'Things Dan's currently allergic to' section at once. That way we can spend the next year usefully, finding recipes for things you can eat when you're back! Kirsty :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck out there in the wide world! It was great to see you guys at your send off. We are very jealous! We're glad you liked the Point It book & we want to know if it actually works. Have fun & we're looking forward to hearing all about your adventures...
Love from Jack & Denice