Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One week to go

Getting quite excited now, I've managed to get over my slight packing breakdown and have made some good progress in the putting things in boxes arena, probably taken it off my list of potential careers on my return, but I'm getting better none the less. We visited the Thai embassy to get our visa yesterday which made everything feel a lot more real and exciting, this could have been the first travel related amusing story about bureaucracy, waiting and hilariously complicated form filling out, unfortunately it went very smoothly and efficiently, taking away any blog story potential! But let's hope that will set up a whole year of quick efficient visa getting and queuing, Jen thinks I'm a little optimistic!

On a more fruit based note, I've been eating a lot of oranges at recently, enough that I have started to wonder if it is bad for you, (probably another sign of not having worked for 6 weeks and having too little to think about) will my skin go orange, will my insides dissolve in a vat of citric acid, will my nails get ludicrously hard to enable efficient pith removal, very worrying, but I can't find anything yet! Here is a picture of some oranges for those of you who were unsure what I was talking about.


Jamie said...

You need a visa for Thailand?! Is this since the coup?

the muggers said...


No this is because we want to stay there for 2 months which is more than you can be issued on arrival. In addition to that, as we don't have ongoing flights out of Thailand we're worried we might have issues being allowed onto the plane.

We're planning to take it easy and stay out on the islands for as long as we feel like it!

Hope you're having fun - we liked your haircut.

Jen (and Dan)