Saturday, March 24, 2007

We made it, that's good isn't it!

We are hanging out with the cool kids in the backpackers staying in on a Saturday night doing our washing, reading emails and updating the blog, this is the life! We have been pretty knackered the last couple of days, Jenni managed to sleep for 17 hours last night which is pretty impressive!

The flight was long (took off on Tuesday & landed on Thursday) with a strange number of breakfasts and dinners being served, we never managed to make it to lunch time! Had a few stressful moments when we realised there were 60 different films to watch on the on demand special tele thing and only 29 hours to fit it all in! After a long debate and timetable of our planned viewing we managed to fit in a whopping two films, brilliant! We are probably really behind on this, but Notes on a scandal is a fantastic film and really good to watch on a plane with a tiny screen in the back of the seat in front of you!

We have done lots of wandering about and looking at stuff desperately trying to get to grips with the exchange rate, which in a bizarre currency transaction has seen us trying to do complex NZ dollars to Euros to pounds conversions that seems to make everything spectacularly cheap, which is all good, until we realise we were doing it all backwards and have spent our month's budget in a week!

We went canoeing yesterday which was good, I've got some lovely pictures of Jenni being all sporty and active! We'll put those up once we figure out how to do that. If you click the flickr button on the right hand side you can look at our photos as we add them during the trip.

We're going to get our campervan on Monday, which I'm very excited about. We saw one yesterday which looked wicked and pretty new, let's hope ours lives up to my expectations!

That'll do for our first go in foreign climes, which I might add are rather toasty warm and blue skied!

Lots of love
Dan & Jenni

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere...not bad is it, especially the sun bit. You're only a few thousand miles across the ocean, without much in between I'm told, as I look out from Mum's patio. Have a good end of summertime. Beware Other Brits!! Love Tessa