Tuesday, March 06, 2007

jen's first post

Hi, my name is Jenni, and this is the first time I've ever done this 'blog thing'.

As Dan told you yesterday, last night we went to se The Fratellis, and they were good. Dan didn't need to worry about just the encore being excellent, the whole thing was amazing to see.
We've spent our last weeks in London going out and seeing friends which has been really good and makes me feel almost like I don't want to be leaving, but I'm sure I'll get over it once our plane has landed in an exciting new place. We've had Janette & Jukka and Satu & Antti from Finland visit us the last couple of weekends, and it's been really important for us because it's felt like all of our friends in Finland aren't that far after all, and we'll stay close friends no matter what.
It's T minus 2 weeks till we're off exploring the world, and I only have another week at work, after which both me and Dan will be unemployed, homeless and penniless. What a weird concept! I'm really looking forward to this experience without having the same routine day after day and month after month, and actually being able to think about what to do with my days and make some fresh decisions about what I'm doing with my life. I don't think that cramming myself on the Tube with sweaty strangers will be what I'll miss first thing in the mornings, but before you try it, I guess you never know.

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