Monday, February 26, 2007


We went to see Sorrel and Glyn at the weekend which was great, to everyone's surprise Sorrel decided to take us to a cross country running event! Where we were lucky enough to witness a man running super fast at the very start with a very odd flapping arm and leg style, as we all commented on his unusual form we realised he was actually ripping off his shirt to reveal I love RND written across his chest! As he pulled out further ahead of the crowd he also whipped off his shorts to reveal his bright red thong! very funny, but apparently he got arrested further round the track, which was a shame. We also discovered that cross country runners seem to have rather odd styles/habits/techniques, these included running with your mouth open and full of spit that dribbled over your face, running with your elbows tight to your chest with your hand out horizontal with palms up, and also running with your balls hanging out the bottom of your shorts, all live on television!

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