Wednesday, February 07, 2007

still going strong

Well I'm still pleased with myself, it's been about a week and I'm still posting to the blog, brilliant! We've just got back from Finland visiting friends, family and babies, of which there are now many! I saw Anna who is our god daughter for the first time, she is very cute and smily, so good actually that I think I will put up a picture of her. My task for today is to find out about visas etc for the trip, but it sounds really dull, so I thought I would a bity of this instead, I hope you like the picture of us in the corner, that is new, it was taken in Rome. I've got a good rash at the momemt, we are guessing that it is a reaction to the Hep B jab that we had last Wednesday, going for another one tonight so I'll check with the nurse. My parents are convinced it's nerves, I wasn't feeling nervous, but now they have started to mention it I've started to think maybe I should be nervous, thus becoming more nervous in an unending spiralling mess of nerves! We went to the ballet at the royal opera house last night for Jenni's birthday, I wore a suit and everything! We had a posh box which was great except for the woman in the box next door to us who had the widest hair in the world! It was like cartoon hair, frizzease meant nothing to her, she had a short bob, but at the base it was a good 18 inches wide! Other than the frizz monster the ballet was brilliant, I compeletely surprised myself by enjoying it. I think I might become a balletrina when we are back from the trip, it can't be that hard. Here ae a couple more pictures of Anna for your enjoyment.

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