Friday, February 23, 2007

Organising things and arranging stuff

Hello to people that actually clicked on the link in my party invite email, I thought I better put something up for you so that it all felt worthwhile. I assure you that this blog will be much more interesting when we are in other countries than England and doing things more fun than booking storage and and cancelling various service providers. Just think how fun it will be when you can read about us paddling around the various rocky outcrop of Halong bay or hearing about our trek through the Malaysian jungle, and seeing our lovely photos from our new camera. If you are in need of an obsessive amount or research into anything such as cameras, shoes, backpacks, insurance, storage, then I am so your man. I seem to have developed an ability to do a completely over the top amount of research and comparison about pretty much everything. If you are looking for a compact digital camera for under £150 then go for the Fuji finepix F30 from it is the best deal anywhere and they are the cheapest place to get memory sticks from too! There you go that was for free, and it only took me a week to get there! I promise the party will be more fun than this blog, we'll get drunk and stuff, drunk Dan will be there it'll be great! Here is a picture of a menu that we found in Rome, check out the Festivity Brunch, yum!


bex said...

thought you needed at least 1 comment sweetheart, after all that effort to date - reckon you'll find any new allergies overseas? There's a whole world of tropical fruits to discover!

the muggers said...

Thanks love, as you can see that section has now been censored, but yes the range of allergic reactions I can muster will surely swell with each country we get to.