Thursday, February 08, 2007

Two days in row....maybe I haven't got a job

Well, finding out about visas is about as much fun as you would expect, I will not bore you with the details, suffice to say I have been thoroughly bored by them!

We are going to have to be a bit more organised with out itinerary than we had hoped so that we don't have to pay fines for staying over our limit or get put in jail, which is not the sort of adventure that I had had in mind. Next job is to try and fit together the various visa day limits to make a viable trip/route.

It is snowing to day, I went for a walk in the London slush and decided that it is much more fun being anywhere other than London in the snow, so I've come inside to run away from it. Jenni is ill and in bed sleeping it off, so I'm being quiet in the lounge. I had planned to do lots of house work today and yesterday, but having to quiet because of your ill wife is not conducive to effective house work completion! but I have drunk lots of tea.

I know it is not tea but it is a much prettier picture than a cup of tea and I have had the odd coffee so it still counts! Jenni took this with her phone in Croatia, of one of our many macchiatos

So till next time, take care or yourselves and a flower

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