Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Red curry paste

I've had a great day today, Jenni got me a surprise early birthday present and organised a cooking lesson at our favorite restaurant here. it was really great, the chef doesn't normally do lessons but he did for me which was really great as it was one on one instruction. in the morning I made red curry paste with lemongrass and galagal (Thai ginger) that we picked from his back garden. It was really interesting to see what goes into the paste and what each of the roots does. He doesn't speak English that well so we have had a few strange conversations during the day, including quite a few about kiwis, which I thought was a bit odd, it was only very late on that I realised he says kiwi instead of heavy/thick, made a lot more sense then!

In the afternoon I came back and cooked red curry soup with chicken for Jenni and my lunch, it was really gorgeous and he taught us all his secret extras that he adds to make it so good. I forgot to say that this is the best Thai food we have had here by a long way, a lot of the food is so flavourless here as they think that is what foreigners like, but he has managed to make really really tasty food. i have had to promise not tell everyone as it is his special recipe and he only shares it with special customers! So I can't put it on the blog but if you ask me nicely I might make you some when we get back!

He has now said that we can't order off the menu anymore and that we will now eat his special food and different traditional dishes that will only make for certain people, he also threatened to get me took cook our own dinner tonight, but I'm not sure that will really happen! He wants to teach us as much as he can while we are here so we are going to make the most of it.

On a very different point I just got stung on my lip by some plankton whilst swimming in the sea, it really hurt, it is amazing something so small can hurt so much!

Thanks again for the comments, and the bookshop people win the lizard knowledge award, well done!

Dan & Jen


Nick & Ce said...

Cookery coaching sounds good ... can't wait for my red thai curry in March 2008!

Plankton sting ..... really? I've Googled it and found "But some animal plankton are predators, and grab or sting things like fish larvae or other animal plankton"...or Dan's lip I guess!

John in Durham said...

It's amazing what can happen to lips. A wasp once landed on my bottom lip and started chewing it. It must have been collecting wood pulp for a nest and thought I was a tree.

John and Barbara said...

Belated birthday greetings from John and Barbara. It's still your birthday here, but we forgot about the time difference.