Monday, June 11, 2007

Snakes and sweetcorn

Hi it’s Jen! We're now on Koh Samui, which is the largest island on the Gulf Coast of Thailand. It's just paradise in this little village we're staying in, it's a proper town where real Thai people live, and they've got really good restaurants serving real Thai food to Thai people - and us! They don't really have choice, they tend to have one or two dishes they sell, and you either have it or you go somewhere else, but it's really delicious, and it's super cheap. The village's called Mae Nam, and it's on the north coast with lovely 4km long beach with lots of coconut palms, and brilliant beach for swimming, in case you plan to come to Koh Samui at some point.

A couple of days ago we were exploring the island on our little hire scooter (it's turquoise, which goes very prettily with Dan's helmet, which is purple) and stopped to have lunch at this little restaurant perched on top of a cliff overlooking some white beaches, turquoise water, well you get the point, and anyway, so there we were sitting quite happily, Dan was sitting just under where the roof of this little shelter ended. We were eating some noodles, and the next thing I know is that Dan's screaming, has spat out his food, and flicked up this snake that had landed on his lap! The 75cm long green beast had obviously been on the roof trying to catch some birds or maybe just warming up in the sun, had lost its balance, and landed on poor Dan's lap! He was obviously just horrified and real scared, and after he'd stood up so the snake rolled onto the floor, it slithered off the side of the restaurant, and down the cliff. I just saw the snake's body rise over the table when Dan was struggling to get up. Isn't that horrible!!!

After the incident with the snake, Dan was very jumpy and twitchy the whole rest of the day, it wasn't till the next day that he seemed normal again, but we still didn't mention anything to do with snakes in case it made him go all weird again.

Another thing we wanted to tell you about is water buffaloes. As I said earlier, we're staying in a real village where people go about their real business, and there's this man near where we live who keeps water buffaloes, and he takes them one by one to have little walks on the beach at sunset, and he takes them into the sea to have nice little baths too. How brave he must be to be walking these enormous animals amongst people and make them be nice and not kill us if they've had a bad day. (Sorry the photo's not in focus.)

They also do bull fighting with the water buffaloes, but contrary to what they do in Spain, they actually make two buffaloes fight each other. Although I still am not sure I'd like to go and see this, it seems a lot more fair than a man with a spear stabbing an animal.

Oh and I've found my new favourite yoghurt - sweetcorn and kidney bean! They sell it here as a normal yoghurt, and it's sweet, and although I must admit that having vegetables and beans in your yoghurt is a bit odd, I quite liked it. Dan couldn't stand the smell so he would not try it although I especially picked a lovely selection of both corn and kidney beans for him.

I was also wanting to say that the rest of Koh Samui island seems to be full of tourists, and feels like you're in Mallorca, or Benidorm, or some other place we imagine not to represent a specific country, but just a resort full of red skinned sweaty tourists (we of course are something entirely different ;) ).

Hope to hear from you all again soon!
Jenni & Dan


Nick & Ce said...

Just love the snake encounter story; one of my phobias already!! Is that one to add to the allergy section then?

Jamie said...

Dan could well have suffered the same fate in the UK!

Anonymous said...

Hey you two!!

I love reading your stories

Guess what, Rich and I have booked flights to NZ hoorah! and even better than that... we are flying via Thailand!!

we re stopping in Phuket for a week or so... what are your plans? will you be anywhere near there by any chance?

just thoguht would check...woudl be fab to see you...


sister muggs said...

hi guys
you think thats scary well ok yes it is, but i have been working on someplanets with even sarier animals imagen you could have had addannnanaconda in your lap, this creature looks like a snake but has thousand of tiny blue legs too and thre wings but the scary bit is that it must eat its pray when it is spinning other wise it will die! designed by ryan age 5!
xxx love ya

the muggers said...

Hi Liz - I'm assuming it's you!!?

So you're going to NZ, sounds amazing! It definitely is one of both my and Dan's favourite countries, I'm sure you'll have a great time!

When are you off? Really annoying, but we're quite near Phuket at the moment, in a place called Khao Lak. We're moving on to Malaysia in the next week or so, because our 2 month Thailand visa will expire at the end of June. How time flies! :)

So it looks like we'll miss you when you're going to be here I'm afraid :(

Glad you like the blog though, remember to check out the photos as well using the link on the right hand side of it, as we've been adding lots of new pics there for you to see!

Lots of love,
Jenni xxx