Friday, May 11, 2007

Coconuts on Koh Tao


We're in Koh Tao now having an amazing time - white sandy beaches and coconut palms all over the place, plus lovely lush rainforest in the middle of the island. It's been so hot, and the humidity is incredible, but I, true to form, have been needing jumpers in the evenings, which I think have been a bit nippy (at least 30 degrees).

We started the diving course on Sunday, and Dan is just a genius - he got 100% in the final theory exam! Our instructor bought him a beer for that, as he was only his second ever student to have got it! I would have only got 1 question wrong, but I didn't - I got 3. I blame the exam ;)

I couldn't actually complete the course because they couldn't let me in the sea because I can't stop breathing through my nose, which meant that when we were doing the practice in the pool and you have to take your mask off and breathe just through your mouth for 1 minute I kept inhaling the water into my lungs and choking. How annoying! Dan's now got his PADI certificate and he's planning all sorts of exciting night dives, lucky boy.

As I said, life's been pretty rosy here on the island, and we're living in this cool bungalow right by the beach, with a lovely verandah shaded by palm trees. Tonight we're going to a beach BBQ. They've got these bars/restaurants right on the sand, where you can choose which of today's fish you want them to prepare for you, and you sit there lit by candles and look at the gorgeous sunsets.

The more I write this the more I think we might just stay here!

We'll have to put some photos up soon so you get even more jealous.

Love to all, thank you for the comments and emails, they make you feel a lot closer to us!
Jenni & Dan


Nick & Ce said...

Yep that sounds pretty tough to me! Of course we're not jealous ... especially as our wonderful early summer has now been replaced by Feb weather .. wind, rain and cold. Oh well!

Shame about you nose Jenni, as it were .... weird that .... perhaps you'll never snore tho!!

Take care both xx

KK said...

Yes, life sounds tough, although a bit of a bummer about the nose thing, as already noted by N&C. Hope you're getting to do other things to make up! Weather is indeed rubbish, cold and wet. However, the demolition of a big building on Landor Road now means we can see Battersea Power Station from our flat. I'm strangely cheered by this small change in our horizon! Keep posting,

Finn said...

There must be a joke about your island being a bit of a dive, but I'm not sure what it is.

Dan, I've said it before, but are you sure Jen is actually from Finland. It gets quite cold there sometimes, but if she needs a jumper in Thailand then I suggest that there is no insualtion yet invented that could have kept her warm in Finland in the winter. Perhaps it's all just an elaborate ruse that's got a bit out of hand and she's actually from somewhere else entirely. Although I'm not sure where because there's no one place hot enough to not require jumpers. Which suggests that she might (possibly) be from another as yet undiscovered world (and might even have as yet undiscovered super powers).

I feel I may have digressed.

Must get back to work.

Kati said...

Olisin niin mielellani siella... Vaikkakin Koh Taon matalat rannat on petollisia kun vedessa kollotellessa peppu palaa niin herkasti...

Harmi Jenni ettei sukellus sitten onnistunut, onneksi voit kuitenkin snorklata vai kuinka. Japanese Garden on tietaakseni lahes yhta upea snorklaten kuin sukeltaen. Eli sinne ainakin kannattaa menna.

Olettehan vuorkanneet mopon ja ajelleet ympari saarta. Jotkut niista rannoita on aivan kasittaman lammin vetisia, vesi on joissain suorastaan kuumaa.

Kun olette nyt Thaimaassa teidan taytyy kokeilla garlic&pepper chicken (toivottavasti muistan tan oikein) musta se oli aivan mahtavaa.

Olette ajatuksissa useammin kuin kuvittelettekaan! Onnistuisko skypettely joskus...?

Halaus molemmille