Thursday, May 24, 2007

To infinity pools and beyond

We are now on another island just south of Koh Tao called Koh Phangan, which is very beautiful and hot and full of coconut palms, there is some fact about there being more coconut palms here than somewhere else or something, it's quite impressive if you can remember it!

We are still having the usual computer problems, we have been foiled a few times trying to add to this but we have finally managed. Jenni just spent 30 minutes writing a lovely long email to all the Finnish lot just to have the whole thing thrown out by the computer for no apparent reason, she is sitting next to me just a little bit angry...

It is low season here at the moment which means that the accommodation prices are really low as they are desperate to have anyone in the rooms, so we are staying in this amazing place overlooking a beautiful palm fringed white sandy beach. we are high up on the rocks at one end with this amazing infinity swimming pool overlooking the sea, it is gorgeous. The pool we have found is essential as it is super hot here now, even Jenni is hot! The sea is really shallow too, so you have to have a pool to cool off. it is a very strange sensation walking into the sea and the water burning your ankles! the only down side of the low seasonness is that there are always twice as many staff as guests where ever you go, which can make things feel a little weird!

We have been doing lots of sitting and swimming and snorkelling which has been really great. we had foot massages last night too just to get us really relaxed. We saw a huge lizard about 1meter long the other day swimming from way out at sea into the beach and then ran off up the beach, it really confused us as we were pretty sure lizards don't swim, so if there are any budding biologists out there that might know what it was, we would love to know.

We had a cool day yesterday we went to a herbal sauna which was run by monks at their temple, it was really ace. A bit weird going to sauna in this heat but it was more like a steam room and smelt nice too. We were given herbal tea as well with some special leaves in that are good for the heart apparently. We also did a trek in the rainforest to two rather unspectacular waterfalls. It was a great walk though through dense rainforest and up steep rock faces to this look out point over the island. They aren't that into making actual trails or using signs and things here so you kind had to just go for it and hope there would be signs of other people soon! we made it though so we were quite pleased with ourselves.

We are planning to go to a half moon party tomorrow, the full moon parties are the famous raves, but this is a shameless cash in for those of us who aren't there at the right time of the lunar month, so we'll see how good it is tomorrow.

Lots of love

Dan and Jenni


Anonymous said...

Voih, mä oon niin kade teille!!! Elämä siellä kuulostaa ihanalta!! Ihan hyvin toki täälläkin menee siis että hengissä ollaan.. Jos teijän rahat ei lopu kesken niin tulkaa sitten syksyllä kylään, jos vaan me ikinä päästään sinne Malesiaan asti tai niin no Ville menee jo ens viikolla sinne.. eli tiedossa taas ihanan rauhallinen viikko noitten viiropäitten kanssa kolmistaan. Yhtä mahtavaa jatkoa sinne kauas ja kiitos kun pidätte tätä blogia, on tosi hauskaa seurata teijän matkaa!


Anonymous said...

Herbal tea with some special leaves!! Bet you were feeling extra mellow. We actually are enjoying the same hot (though not quite so) and humid weaather at the moment. Although Calgary has snow! It will be hard for you to leave these wonderful places, but more are beckoning. I am still working on my Alaska tales and will email those soon. Take care. Rosemary

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are enjoying low season rates and attentive service and that Jenni is now warm enough. According to Wikipedia, lizards do swim if needed and some are comfortable in equatic environments, so perhaps it was a lizard you saw. Over here, as the Bank Holiday and the Steyning Country Fair approaches, cold, wet and windy weather is forecast, must make you feel quite nostalgic. Hope your half moon party went well and go easy with the herbal tea.

The Bookshop People

Sam said...

Hey! am very jeleous to hear about roasting heat and water being too hot to cool off it - as its a bank holiday here it's been raining and blowing a gale, only thing for it has been to drink lots of pg tips.

Things here are otherwise ok- bex is studying hard for Italian exams in a couple of weeks. Dnuc broke his thumb trying to stick it up Ian.. generally ticking along!

Nick & Ce said...

Just to add to Sam's comment ..... Bank Holiday Monday, cold (7c), wet, and windy (north easterly f5 - 6). All sailing at LSC cancelled today. Bet you wish you were here!