Friday, May 04, 2007

weird writing everywhere

We are in Bangkok now and all is well. We had slightly interesting time trying to find our guesthouse on the first night, I called ferom sydney to book a room which was fine but when we tried to find the place it turned out there were 4 hotels with the same name and none of them had a clue who we were! we got a room in one of them though so that was all good. We are staying in a lovely place now with a swimming pool and things which is very refreshing after walking in the 34C city. It is very hot and very different here (except that it still rains a bit, we take it with us it makes us feel comfortable!), very cheap for everything which is great. all our meals cost about 30p! we are eating lovely pad thai noodles, firey red curries and really sweet fresh pineapple and stuff it is brilliant. We are off to an island called Koh Tao to learn to dive tomorrow on an overnight sleeper train that will get us to almost there at 4am, the first ferry doesn't leave till 7:30am so we have to stand in the dark for a few hours under a big roof apparently!

Lots of love

Dan and Jenni


steyning bookshop said...

Glad that you are having a good time despite strange haircuts (we get those here too).
Rosie is in Thailand until July. Would you like her email address and thai mobile no.?

Richard said...

Hey Dan & Jen, sounds like you're having an amazing time! I've only just seen your site so I went through all the posts - quite an epic read! Everything good over here. Can't really compete with your stores though! Should be moving house on 21st June all being well. Will have to have a belated house warming when you get back. Keep up the cool stories! :-) Rich

Janette said...

Hei rakkaat! Kirjoitin jo yhden viestin, mut se katos kun jouduin luomaan ton henkilöllisyyden ekaks. Höh! Mut siis ihana oli seurata teidän matkaa viestien kautta. Ootte ehtineet näkemään niin paljon.. se kengurun silittäminen oli varmaan mahtavaa! Tänne Helsinkiin on luvattu huomiseks oikein kesäistä keliä, harmi kun täytyy mennä töihin. Dan, sorry about writing in finnish! I'll try to practise my english in small bits. :) Halaus ja voikaa hyvin! Käyn vielä kurkkaamassa kuvia. Love, Janette

MarikaLasse said...

Dear Jenni and Dan!

Finally us old fashioned familymembers are trying to use this. Acctually this is a brilliant way and so much fun to read about you both and Jenni we are so proud about your cuts to do exellent adventures.You have become a real dare-devil.

Have a lots of fun both of you, but remeber also safety matters, please.
Lasse and I are finally starting a holiday and we are heading today to Tuscany Florence. I just heard that my cousin is living there with hole family(only 7 childrens ).

ps. Valmas funeral were very beatifull and the first spring birds started singing very loud at the graveyard.

Hugs and kisses!!!!!

Marika and Lasse