Thursday, April 05, 2007

Seals are brilliant!

We have just got back, well a few hours ago, from swimming with seals in Abel Tasman National Park. It was brilliant, they took us took a large wild seal colony in the marine park and at this time of year the pups are left with just a few females looking after them, so they spend there time swimming about and playing in the water. We swam right in the little lagoon where most of the pups were and they swam right over to us and all around us for about an hour. There were about 50 or 60 pups there on the rocks and in the water. They swim right up to you and stare at you and turn at the very last minute just before they would bang into you, they are super agile and cute. On the way to the colony on the boat we had 4 dolphins along side us surfing the wake and jumping out of the water, it was two mating pairs that were practicing in front of us! It was really great to see them so close up in the little boat we were riding in. They move so fast and elegantly it was brill. On the way back we saw a sting ray, so it was a wildlifetastic day! Water was really calm and pretty warm, and all the sea around here is either bright green or turquoise, so it was pretty spectacular.

We wrote a long post yesterday about all the things that we had done, but the nasty computer decided to shut itself down, so we lost everything that we wrote, very annoying. We will fill in that gap in a bit, it mainly involved drinking lots of wines, walking lots of miles and kayaking 18km, we'll flesh it out a bit when we've got more time (we are very busy here! :) ).

Hope you are all well, still no additions to report on the allergies front and still no reinstation, I might have to secretly get on here when Jenni isn't looking! If you have time have a look at the photos on flickr by clicking the little banner on the right, they are quite pretty and tell a few stories.

Lots of love

Dan and Jenni


Anonymous said...

Emmäkestä, kuulostaa ihan mahtavalta! Siellä te uitte vaan hylkeiden seassa, mun eksoottisin kokemus tänään oli käydä Tapin työpaikalla ja hesellä :). Lepposaa pääsiäisen viettoa siis. Pusuja! Kati

Jamie said...

I think you should be able to recover posts when accidents like that happen.

Oh and the seals and stuff sound good ;)

Rob Bowers said...

Sounds like you are seeing some really interesting things, even if the absence of usb ports in the the southern hemisphere has denied us proof. I think you are really at the Lancing Sailing Club. Pity you couldn't make egg rolling in Steyning. We've had a lovely warm Easter. Best wishes.