Thursday, April 12, 2007


That was ace! my arms are a bit shaky now which is making my usually slightly slow and rubbish typing even worse! I thought it was wicked, we did 60 seconds free fall doing flips and spins and things on the way down, and then we got to fly down next to each other and steer the about a bit making it spin and stuff, it was brilliant. Jenni didn't think it was that special, but I'm sure it will hit her in a bit! You can have a look at pictures of us about to jump from the plane at we did it on 12/04/07, as the more observant of you would have already figured out from the big date on the top of the post!

My left eye decided it wanted to weep on the way down which mean my left goggle slowly filled up with tears as we went down which was odd! I also had my mouth open which creates a very strange dry mouth flappy sensation! It was very cool but we do both feel a bit travel sick now, I think we should have a nice sit down and a cup of tea and a timtam! we saw this thing ages ago where you bit opposite corners off a timtam which is a chocolate biscuit a bit like a penguin, and then you such your tea up through the biscuit and then quickly eat the whole thing before it goes to soggy and falls in your tea, it's lovely!

Lots of love

Dan and Jenni


KK said...

Don't like the sound of the teary eye but the rest of it sounds fantastic! We've just got back from an easter break camping in the Lakes. Were supposed to go to Scotland but got stuck for hours in roadworks and traffic etc on the hellish M6... It was getting dark so we hauled left and pitched up in Eskdale! Unexpected, but lovely. Weather pretty good too. Back in Stockwell now. Weird - forgot you'd gone and said to Finn in the car as we drove up to the flat, 'Let's give Dan & Jen a ring and go for a pint.' So previous joking aside, we do miss you guys!


Nick & Ce said...

Emmmmmm ... this seems slightly deja-vu for us; remembering the postcard you sent us immediately after your first jump in Aussie (1998). We're impressed with Jen's bravery to join you on this one, from even higher up!
Hey Dan ... maybe you should add "goggles" to your famed allergy listing!!

Finn said...

I will not be commenting until the allergies section is reinstated. Including "goggles" and/or "terminal velocity".

the muggers said...

We'd love to have gone for a pint, shame we weren't home!