Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ballet dancers, us? Why not!

We're in sunny Sydney, we arrived on Sunday, and finally today (Thursday) we've seen the sun! It was really pouring with ran for 4 days, which meant that me and Dan have been to lots of museums and exhibitions and found this amazing contemporary design exhibition, which had lots of stuff from really cool Australian designers.

Last night was when I got the rest of my 30th Birthday present from Dan. He had bought us tickets to see Don Quixote -ballet at the Royal Opera House! It was just great, really cool being inside such an iconic building, and it was even better than we had hoped. The ballet was great and the story was very funny (we had bought the programme, so we could follow it really well - we've learned from past mistakes!) and the architecture inside was beautiful, you could see the arches that are the massive sail-like structures, and everything was very well thought through from the funky sinks in the toilets to the bars with amazing views across Sydney Harbour. We had a bottle of bubbly there so that we could better appreciate the views by the bar.

I have to say the best thing was when we left the ballet and got out the front door, and we were stopped by this excited lady who came to tell us how she had enjoyed the ballet (to which I enthusiastically told her that I thought it had been brilliant as well) and she proceeded to ask us whether we are sad that it's over (it was the last night they did the Don Quixote ballet, but neither of us felt especially sad about it, so we were a bit confused, but told her that we agreed it was a bit sad), after which she asked that now that it's coming to the end of the season, what are we going to do next? Dan told her that we are off travelling, which she was stunned about. This was the point at which it dawned on us that she thought she had just watched us dance in the show! We had to then break it to her that we had only been to see the ballet, and didn't actually have any part in it. As she was being pulled away by the arm by her embarrassed daughter she told us that she had thought we both looked just like ballet dancers! We thought this was so funny we could hardly breathe for the next hour from laughing, however Dan did manage to say that she obviously has never seen him dance (a treat that was offered to those who came to our wedding), and unfortunately I didn't think of offering to give her a special ballet dance demonstration until it was too late.

Today we have been to Bondi beach, but we weren't mistaken for life guards. What a disappointment.

Dan's broken the adaptor, which is why we don't have enough battery power in our camera to share our photos with you lot. Sorry about that, I blame Dan.

Lots of love,
Jenni and Dan


Anonymous said...

Now I can see Jenni being mistaken for a ballet dancer - but the same image does not come for Dan. I still picture the driveway at the cottage and the waltzing lessons. Still brings a smile to my face. Your trip sounds so amazing and we all enthusiastically log on for the latest updates. What a life experience. Take care of yourselves. We think of you often.

Sam said...

bad dan

Nick & Ce said...

...."broke the adaptor" What a lame excuse for not posting your pictures! We're still on wine tasting and seal swimming. Come on Dan, buy another one!!

Nick & Ce said...

Obviously the message of the ballet got through to that lady - whatever you imagine is possible. I can imagine you as ballet dancers, I think windmills look like giants too!! So glad the sun has come out. The rain has finally reached our garden today and everything is delighted!! Take care ! keep on boogeying!! Much love Mum xx

Kati said...

No niin, ei muuta kun tienaamaan vähän matkakassaa satunnaisilla tanssi- ja balettiesityksillä :)
Hih, osaan kuvitella Danin sukkahousuissa ja sut Jenni kunnon tylliunelmassa...
Me lähetään kohta möksälle grillaileen, kivaa viikonloppua sinne maailman ääriin! Haleja!

Finn said...

I think Kati said it best. Especially when she says "balettiesityksillä :)"

Finn said...

Dan, I am have noticed the small change you have made to the blog and am very happy. However, I can't comment any more in case Jen is looking and it gives it all away. Except to say that I look forward to hearing all about the new things that might potentially unwittingly kill you. There must be loads of them in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi both of you. Ive just caught up on all of your adventures... wow!! your having such an amazing time!!
You write it so well too... your ballet story has literally made me cry with laughter!!! so funny!!!

your photos are amazing too

keep having fun

lots of love lizxx