Monday, February 26, 2007


We went to see Sorrel and Glyn at the weekend which was great, to everyone's surprise Sorrel decided to take us to a cross country running event! Where we were lucky enough to witness a man running super fast at the very start with a very odd flapping arm and leg style, as we all commented on his unusual form we realised he was actually ripping off his shirt to reveal I love RND written across his chest! As he pulled out further ahead of the crowd he also whipped off his shorts to reveal his bright red thong! very funny, but apparently he got arrested further round the track, which was a shame. We also discovered that cross country runners seem to have rather odd styles/habits/techniques, these included running with your mouth open and full of spit that dribbled over your face, running with your elbows tight to your chest with your hand out horizontal with palms up, and also running with your balls hanging out the bottom of your shorts, all live on television!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Organising things and arranging stuff

Hello to people that actually clicked on the link in my party invite email, I thought I better put something up for you so that it all felt worthwhile. I assure you that this blog will be much more interesting when we are in other countries than England and doing things more fun than booking storage and and cancelling various service providers. Just think how fun it will be when you can read about us paddling around the various rocky outcrop of Halong bay or hearing about our trek through the Malaysian jungle, and seeing our lovely photos from our new camera. If you are in need of an obsessive amount or research into anything such as cameras, shoes, backpacks, insurance, storage, then I am so your man. I seem to have developed an ability to do a completely over the top amount of research and comparison about pretty much everything. If you are looking for a compact digital camera for under £150 then go for the Fuji finepix F30 from it is the best deal anywhere and they are the cheapest place to get memory sticks from too! There you go that was for free, and it only took me a week to get there! I promise the party will be more fun than this blog, we'll get drunk and stuff, drunk Dan will be there it'll be great! Here is a picture of a menu that we found in Rome, check out the Festivity Brunch, yum!

Monday, February 12, 2007

accountancy is fun

I've spent most of the day going through my accounts, which is a lot of fun. I really think that I should be retraining after our trip to take it up professionally, ahh the joy of going through receipts and statements of people you don't know, just for the love of numbers, brilliant! Jenni is still ill, she went to work again today, but came home early again. I think that the jabs are making everything worse, just as the cold is starting to get better we take her to a travel clinic and get her injected with a tiny amount of some horrible virus, and for some reason her immune system doesn't like it! I'm thinking of starting a career selling things on ebay for the next few weeks, I just need to find some things that I could sell. Finn and Kirsty came over yesterday and tried my chocolate banana bread, which Kirsty reckons I could sell, but I'm not sure it is a classic ebay item! Ok, I've got to go and take Jenni to the doctor now, well see how that goes...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Two days in row....maybe I haven't got a job

Well, finding out about visas is about as much fun as you would expect, I will not bore you with the details, suffice to say I have been thoroughly bored by them!

We are going to have to be a bit more organised with out itinerary than we had hoped so that we don't have to pay fines for staying over our limit or get put in jail, which is not the sort of adventure that I had had in mind. Next job is to try and fit together the various visa day limits to make a viable trip/route.

It is snowing to day, I went for a walk in the London slush and decided that it is much more fun being anywhere other than London in the snow, so I've come inside to run away from it. Jenni is ill and in bed sleeping it off, so I'm being quiet in the lounge. I had planned to do lots of house work today and yesterday, but having to quiet because of your ill wife is not conducive to effective house work completion! but I have drunk lots of tea.

I know it is not tea but it is a much prettier picture than a cup of tea and I have had the odd coffee so it still counts! Jenni took this with her phone in Croatia, of one of our many macchiatos

So till next time, take care or yourselves and a flower

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

still going strong

Well I'm still pleased with myself, it's been about a week and I'm still posting to the blog, brilliant! We've just got back from Finland visiting friends, family and babies, of which there are now many! I saw Anna who is our god daughter for the first time, she is very cute and smily, so good actually that I think I will put up a picture of her. My task for today is to find out about visas etc for the trip, but it sounds really dull, so I thought I would a bity of this instead, I hope you like the picture of us in the corner, that is new, it was taken in Rome. I've got a good rash at the momemt, we are guessing that it is a reaction to the Hep B jab that we had last Wednesday, going for another one tonight so I'll check with the nurse. My parents are convinced it's nerves, I wasn't feeling nervous, but now they have started to mention it I've started to think maybe I should be nervous, thus becoming more nervous in an unending spiralling mess of nerves! We went to the ballet at the royal opera house last night for Jenni's birthday, I wore a suit and everything! We had a posh box which was great except for the woman in the box next door to us who had the widest hair in the world! It was like cartoon hair, frizzease meant nothing to her, she had a short bob, but at the base it was a good 18 inches wide! Other than the frizz monster the ballet was brilliant, I compeletely surprised myself by enjoying it. I think I might become a balletrina when we are back from the trip, it can't be that hard. Here ae a couple more pictures of Anna for your enjoyment.