Monday, July 23, 2007

The not-so-glamorous life of a budget traveller

Since we last wrote, it's been raining, and we've been travelling through lots of small and unimpressive towns along the East coast of Malaysia. We had hoped to find some windsurfing for Dan, he asked around about it, and was directed to talk to"a long haired man"on the beach. We eventually tracked him down only to find out that he had lent his kit to his mate, and that had been the only board in the whole town (not quite the windsurfing mecca made out in the Lonely Planet)! The other option involved lots of buses to nearby villages in the hope of finding some other man who might have bought some equipment in the mid 80's. In the end we decided not to bother.

Also, we had two 7cm (3 inch) long cockroaches in our bathroom the other day. Having had them in our room made me all jumpy for ages, they were so disgusting! Dan did everything he could to block their entry holes (by trying to fix the gaps around the bathroom sink with toilet paper- the places here are all full of insect-sized holes), but it didn't work. They were just too attracted to us, they found away in again. Dan was very brave (he's dictating this next to me) and caught them both and finally got rid of them both outside. Oooh, he's so courageous!

So we haven't really done very much, we've mainly been staying in some very grotty hotel rooms in various towns along the way. Some of the highlights apart from the quest for windsurfing kit include waking up to 5am call to prayer (accompanied by local dogs who decided to join in), and taking a ferry out of Kuala Terengganu to see this "traditional boat carving" that our Lonely Planet thought was a must see (when we finally got there, the bemused men allowed us to stay and watch them do some hammering - they didn't seem to think it was very exciting, and it wasn't!). We weren't sure Lonely Planet had actually gone there.

We are still having a nice time, and eating lots of nice food. Now we've made our way to Mersing, and we're off to Pulau Tioman-island tomorrow, where you can get duty free beer. Let's hope it's stopped raining by the time we get there!

Lots of love, we'll write again soon and maybe even put some new photos up.
Jenni and Dan


Jamie said...

Ahhhh, the delights of the Lying Planet :)

sister muggs said...

hi dan and jen
thank you for our birthday pressie i am impressed, i had to fight glyn not to open it when it arrived, we are saving it for the day, but thank you in advance.
oooh lump boils did they go?
I am just doing a quicky note now as i have a mission on today to get funding app in on time but lots of love to you both i will send a proper email soon with all the catch up stuff, xxxxxxxxxxxx sorrel

Mark&Jean said...

Dear Dan & Jen - what brave souls you are, we were scratching just looking at your photos. This is just to wish you a happy first wedding anniversary. We shall think of you when we are at Karen & Glynn's wedding and drink a toast to you and the fabulous time we had in Finland last year.

katy said...

Hi dan and jen,
Happy first wedding anniversary! I hope the cockroaches leave you alone long enough to celebrate the day in peace. Have a fab day,
lots of love,
Katy & Mark, John & Barbara, Peter & Zoe xx